Kippy's Story
From Rescued Kitten to Cat Model

Kippy's Story

Kippy in the original cat hammock prototype

Kippy, the orange tabby, is our mascot and product model. Here is how she became part of our family.

One fall day while playing with my daughter in our back yard, we heard a series of strange bird calls in the thicket behind our property. We went to investigate and there, struggling down the drainage ditch embankment, was the tiniest kitten, followed by four others.

Jumping to the rescue, we scooped up the kittens before they would tumble into the rushing water. The mother cat was nowhere to be found.

Barely three weeks old, the kittens had to be bottle fed. Right away it was clear that the orange kitten – whom we named Kippy – was the leader. Eventually we found homes for three of the kittens and kept Kippy and her sister.

Kippy is a feisty cat, full of energy and invention, who likes to explore and – yes,boss around - our five other cats. But she’s also loving and likes nothing more than to have her belly rubbed while she’s hanging out in her favorite spot – her cat hammock.

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