Our goal is one: to bring fun and comfort to your cat.

Cat Above was founded by Tamar, an avid cat lover, owned by six cats.

Tamar is a volunteer with the Cat Adoption Team, a Wilmington, North Carolina cat rescue organization. During the past three years she has spent every Sunday helping cat lovers adopt a cat at the organizationís adoption center.

The cats and kittens at the adoption center love to lounge in their hammocks, which hang in their cages. Many visitors have asked where they could buy such a cat hammock for their own cats. Alas, these hammocks can only hang in a cage!

Tamar set out to design a cat hammock stand that would be perfect for the cat at home and blend well with the home decor. The final design was tested by Tamar's seven cats and a few others and has met with resounding approval.

Here is what Tamar's cats have to say about the cat hammock:
  • Augusto: "Afternoon nap in the sun. That's life!"
  • Carolina: "Why did I wait so long to try this hammock?"
  • Gingitt: "I'd rather hide underneath."
  • Leila: "I was cold, starving, and living under cars in a parking lot when I was rescued. This hammock is the best thing ever for an overweight cat like me (yes, now that there's plenty of food, I just eat and eat!)."
  • Kippy: "Me? Share the hammock? Never!"
  • Perry: "I used to sleep on Tamar's feet, but this hammock is a lot better. It doesn't toss and turn at night."

  • Tamar is also in charge of fund raising for the Cat Adoption Team. She immediately saw the potential of raising funds for C.A.T. - as well as othe animal rescue organizations - through the sale of the cat hammock. Please see We Support Animal Rescue for details.

    For a story about how Tamar saved two kittens while vacationing in Israel, please go to Israeli kittens.

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