Cat Hammock Bed

Cat Hammock Bed
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Product Description

A stylish cat hammock bed for the discriminating cat owner (and the discriminating cat)!

  • Attractive cat hammock bed hand-made of cabinet-grade birch plywood.
  • Distinctive patent-pending design.
  • The cat hammock bed is constructed of four pieces that slide into each other.
  • Assembled and taken apart in seconds for storage and travel.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • Two-sided sling: Soft fleece for winter warmth; cotton for summer coolness.
  • Sling is removable and machine washable. Replacement slings available.
  • Size 24 x 16 x 11 inches.

  • Made to Last!

    The hammock sling is the only thing you might ever want to replace.
    If you would like to purchase an extra sling, please go to Replacement Hammock Slings.

    *Wilmington, NC shoppers can arrange for pick up. Please indicate "Pick UP" at checkout.

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    Hooked on Black

    Hi Rise

    Swirls Grey

    Modern Grey

    Kitty Konvention

    Country Cat [Click to enlarge]

    Infinity [Click to enlarge]

    Jackaboots from California is a 20-lbs cat lounging in the cat hammock bed.

    Pumpkin from Long Island.