ScratchPal™ - the No-Mess Cardboard Scratcher (Patent Pending)

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Product Description

Your cat loves that cardboard scratcher, but you hate cardboard flakes all over the floor? The solution: ScratchPal™, the "no-mess cardboard scratcher"™.

The ScratchPal™ cat scratcher has a long-lasting cardboard scratching pad and it keeps scratched off particles in the box and off the floor! With clean, simple lines and natural materials it looks good in any home.

  • The ScratchPal™ is an innovative patent-pending cat scratcher
  • It keeps the scratched-off cardboard particles inside the box
  • They accumulate in the channels between the cardboard scratching pad and the sides of the wood box
  • High sides prevent the flakes from scattering onto the floor
  • When you're ready to clean, just vacuum the channels or shake out the cardboard particles
  • The long-lasting, dense scratching pad is 1.75 inches thick and can be turned over when one side has become worn
  • It easily pops out for replacement
  • The ScratchPal™ box is made of high-quality pine
  • Super-size scratcher for your cat's comfort: Box dimensions 21 x 13 x 4 inches

  • SPECIAL OFFER! Order now and receive a FREE replacement scratching pad!

    "One of my cats is a real furniture destroyer. But now she happily uses the ScratchPal instead. One of the reasons I think she likes it is that the wood box is heavy and does not shift around as she pulls on the cardboard with her claws."

    Atkinson, NC

    Tinsel loves her ScratchPal scratcher and spends a lot of time in it! (PS. this is the ScratchPal before it got feet)

    Durham, NC